Dr. Martins

Dr. Renato G. Martins, MD, MPH

Second to being on our advisory board, Dr. Martins is the Medical Director of Outpatient General Oncology/Hematology at Seattle Cancer Alliance and the Medical Director of Thoracic/Head and Neck Oncology and Associate Professor at University of Washington School of Medicine. His clinical expertise are in head and neck cancers, lung cancer and clinical trial design.

When he is not teaching, treating patients or directing medicine, Dr. Martins is the principal and site investigator on numerous important clinical and research projects. It is through his dedication to research that we were able to enjoy every last moment with our dad. We strongly believe that with continued research and clinical studies, lung cancer patients will achieve a lower mortality rate. It is truly our honor to help perpetuate the incredible work of Dr. Martins at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.