About Us

How It All Started
In July of 2010, siblings Greg and Jamie Miller lost their father, Bob, to lung cancer. Next to his family, Bob’s greatest love was cycling. His bike was an extension of him. He advocated for and volunteered hours of time and energy to bring the joy and practicality of cycling to others. Shortly after his death, his children began brainstorming ways to keep both his memory and love for cycling alive. What started in 2010 as an annual memorial ride has morphed into a charity supporting Seattle Cancer Care Alliance’s lung cancer research efforts. After a lot of sweat, a little blood, more than a few tears and a tremendous amount of support from friends and family, Greg and Jamie’s brainchild has blossomed into the Bob Miller Foundation (BMF).

BMF 101
BMF is a Seattle and Chicago based non-profit organization. We exist to advance research to decrease the mortality rate of lung cancer. Funding is raised through sponsorship of an annual bike ride and merchandise sales. It is our privilege to work with talented artists and health enthusiasts who make possible these efforts. We hope you find our organization accessible and inspiring.

Our Mission
Bob Miller Foundation is a grass-roots, non-profit organization in support of early detection lung cancer research through Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Our mission is to inspire our community to take an active role in early detection.

The Future of BMF
BMF can only be sustained with your support. To keep our merchandise appealing and inspirational to the masses, we need and welcome your feedback. Please send us your artwork, photos, stories of impactful support and ideas. We are excited for you to join us on this ride! (pun intended). Contact us!